SMPK 2: Oct. PSB promo, Christian services & science & sports winners!

Here are some pics in October 2014: Christian services, OSIS campaign for November 2014 election & winners in basketball competition in Santa Maria, and winners in Brilliant Competition (Science) 2014. Next is a picture of High School promo for SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta students held by Mdm Enche (SMAK 3 Principal) as representative of the High School level. IMG_2706 Next are the Christian services held on Fridays, plus teacher vocal group. IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2709 WINNERS IMG_2715 IMG_2727 Science winners in Brilliant Competition, 3rd and 4th winners in Science category. IMG_2711 Winners in Basketball competition in Santa Maria Junior High for both girls (2nd champion, above) and boys (3rd champion, below). IMG_2713 IMG_2715 Next are OSIS (Student Council) campaign in October 2014 followed by Nov. 2014 election later. IMG_2732 Questions arose from teachers, parents and fellow students (sir). IMG_2733   IMG_2740   IMG_2738   OSIS questions

OSIS questions