Future buddies (social acts) entering its 15th-year program

Since 15 years ago, SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta has handled “Sahabat Masa Depan”/ Future Buddies program to donate fund regularly through Christian service collecting for now 68 students mostly in Java.

Next is the pic of some who have sent us photos and greeting card.

Sahabat Masa Depan

Some of 20 Yayasan Sion … Future buddies/ Sahabat Masa Depan

  • List of the “Future Buddies” until 2015
    GBII Jakarta: 6 students
    Tugu Bakti Jakarta: 20 students
    GKJ Parakan, Central Java: 18 students
    Yayasan Sion, Salatiga 20 students
    GPIB Salatiga 3 students
    SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta 1 student
    TOTAL: 68 students (3 more as candidates)