PSB/ Student Admission kicks off: Sept. 28, 2015 + SMPK 2 in Pe Two’s moments, futsal & traditional dances

Student Admission 2016-2017 has opened. Registration Sept. 28th, 2015. Contact 021-63850348 (SMPK 2, Jak.Pus)

Next are pics compilation of SMPK 2 activities (sir) and pic of PSB/ Student Admission.

Student Admission of BPK PENABUR Jakarta

IMG_3942 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3943 IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3946 IMG_3954 IMG_3952 IMG_3950 IMG_3949  IMG_3955 IMG_3957 IMG_3961 IMG_3967 IMG_3966 IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3962 IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3970 IMG_3972 IMG_3973 IMG_3981 IMG_3980  IMG_3975 IMG_3974 IMG_3983 IMG_3987 IMG_3991 IMG_3988 IMG_3996 IMG_3995 IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_4000 IMG_4007 IMG_4006 IMG_4004 IMG_4009 IMG_4012 IMG_4027 IMG_4010 IMG_4008

Previous August 2015 pics

IMG_3797 IMG_3805

The flag-raising team

The flag-raising team