SMPK 2 graduation & Scouts camp, June 2016

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(Above) 2016 graduation of SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta,
also UN/ exam winners, took place on June 11th, 2016.

Average score for UN = 359.35, with 29 perfect scores of 10 in Math,
11 in Science (Physics & Biology) & 2 in English. SMPK 2 PENABUR
Jakarta ranked 1st in all 18 Junior high in DKI Jakarta, Bogor,
Bekasi, Banten, and Depok, including this year, defeating both
BPK PENABUR International schools of BPK PENABUR Jakarta.

On June 14-15, 2016, the scouts of the 16 schools of
BPK PENABUR Jakarta, especially (see below) the SMPK 2 7th graders
gathered and had camping & scouts activities in Mekarsari, Bogor (tg/ tommy)

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