Welcome, 2016 SMPK 2 new students & social service (baksos) 2016

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Welcome to SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, the 2016 new students, or 175 students of 7th grade.

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(Above) Demo on SMPK 2 scouts flag marching & youth red cross (PMR) with
an amusing scene of robbers, hurting civilians with toy guns, and there came
the PMR team to give 1st aid;
(Below) Senior Math teacher Mr. Eka Susanto and
a regular scene of English devotion time in the teacher room &
in the student classroom, July 2016.

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Next are pics on SMPK 2’s 1st Christian service on July 20, 2016 &
intro to SMPK 2 teachers & staff.

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Pre-Ramadan/ IED/ Lebaran baksos/ social service for security personnels,
cleaning service people, parking men, and some neighourhood people
on June 22nd, 2016

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