SMPK 2’s various school activities April-May 2018






The Easter service and celebration above in April 17th, 2018 with Rev. David
(GKI Agus Salim) with interactive questions.  During the Easter celebration,
a brief drama was presented, too, depicting the conflicts of youngsters
in this wicked world.

In the Easter service, Board of Directors of PENABUR Jakarta
Mr Hendra Cipta & Mr Kenny Liem (see above) supported SMPK 2 &
in a special Friday Christian service for State exams service,
a number of parents showed up & one joined the prayers.






(Above)  The choir and the solemn condition of the students,
plus Easter crafting following the service.







Above are the graphic designs–“master” pieces of SMPK 2 students
and today’s Christian service, May 4th, 2018 with Rev. Grace Bustami
(GKI Cipinang Indah) on “hope during bad times in the name of truth”
(1 Peter 3).  Be spirited, SMPK 2 teenagers!  May 21st exams are coming soon (sir).